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Guidelines and Requirements

Specialization Guidelines

  • Students must be enrolled in a graduate or professional program at OSU
  • Units needed to complete the GISGH vary by college but require at least 4 courses and 10 credit hours (units) 
  • Classes taken must come from at least two or more graduate programs (colleges) outside the student’s major graduate program.
  • At least 9 credit hours (units) of coursework must come from outside the student's home college/program
  • Credit hours can include work already required as part of the student's degree program
  • The student must receive a grade of "B" or better or "S" in each course
  • Some colleges require a field experience.  These hours do not count toward the 10-hour curriculum requirement.

Curriculum Requirements

  • All students enrolled in the GISGH must take Introduction to Global Health. This is a 2 credit hour (unit) course offered once annually by the College of Public Health. It is recommended, but not required, that this course be taken first.
  • All courses that count toward the specialization must come from the Master List of Courses (see tab)
  • Some of the participating colleges have specific coursework requirements for students in their college. Please refer to the Discipline-Specific Courses page for details.
  • Some of the participating colleges have required field experiences. Please refer to the Discipline-Specific Field Experience page for the list.
  • Some of the participating colleges have internal procedures that are required of their students. Public Health students should review CPH GISGH Guidelines for instructions on how to apply.